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Welcome to the Lahore College of Theology Online Training Platform
by Admin User - Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 6:08 AM

We are honoured to unveil for your use, the online training platform for all students.

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This class uses the Bible and major theologians and philosophers to equip students to proclaim God the Father to contemporary society. It includes discussions of divine revelation, the person and work of God the Father, the Trinity, creation humanity, the fall, providence and civil society. An evangelical position is developed and defended from secular criticism using the 39 articles and contemporary authors, and applied to Christian ministry.

This course provides the student with the fundamentals of basic research skills and learning to write an effective academic paper/thesis.
1.Basics of Academic Writing
2.Critical Analysis 
3. Using supporting evidence
4. Descriptive and Analytical writing

Using the following outline:
  •           Research Philosophy – Ontology/Epistemology 
  •           Literature Review- how to search and read different types of literature
  •            Literature Review – structure, synthesis, analysis – Research Question – Research Aim and Objectives
  •            Methodology – Structure - Research Design – Sample – 
  •            Methodology – Qualitative Data Analysis – Quantitative Data Analysis for research writing. 
  •            Writing up your findings – how to push boundaries of arguments – checking for critical analysis. 
  •            Teaching Research Skills  - key teaching skills needed for academic skills training
  •             Practice Session reviewed – goals set